An Exclusive on Multi-potent Stem Cells for Autism Treatment

We all know that children with autism struggle with communication, acquiring new words or vocabulary, and fluency of speech. They find it difficult to understand and use non-verbal cues combined with limited speech and social development, which may cause immense complications for them and as well as their families.

They are often obsessed with repetitive behaviours where they tend to repeat a particular action or word, rock for hours, flap hands, or arrange objects in a specific manner over and over again. These overall signs of intellectual delay indicate that the patients are affected with Autism.

One of the prominent behavioural pointers of autism is the lack of appropriate social interaction and inability to communicate, which are aligned with anxiety. These impediments may make the child feel too shy to mix with other children of their age, lose confidence, stay isolated and thus, be bereft of a healthy social life.

Off late, the incidence of Autism in the world has increased from 1 in 68 to 1 in 59 kids! In India itself, the number of children with Autism has risen exponentially. While there are many centres that do provide rehabilitative treatment for children with Autism, the Best Autism treatment in India, is provided by Autism Treatment Centres like NeuroGen Brain and Spine Institute in Mumbai.

What makes it one of the best autism treatment centres in India is its aim at enhancing the brain function of children with Autism with the help of anti-inflammatory agents like stem cells.  The stem cells used by NeuroGen Brain and Spine Institute in Mumbai, are mesenchymal stem cells or the ‘adult’ stem cells, which are ‘multi-potent’ cells having the ability to differentiate into other cell types. They are easily obtained from the bone marrow, do not face the risk of immunological rejection, and are readily available for transplantation. Hence, they play an important part in treating neurodevelopment conditions.

Stem cell therapy helps in reversing the inflammatory conditions in the brain, and regulating or strengthening the immune system. The healthy mesenchymal cells are harvested, screened and tested for microorganisms before being infused intrathecally into the patient. This  is a new-age autism treatment provided at centres like NeuroGen Brain and Spine Institute, which help individuals with difficulties and delays in various developmental areas.

The mission of NeuroGen Brain and Spine Institute as an autism treatment super speciality centre in India is to treat patients with stem cells and also train their families to carry out several therapies, such as Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, ABA Therapy, Special Education and Physical Therapy, that can help the young ones improve and gain cognitive, social, and every day applicable skills.

Any credible Autism treatment centre like NeuroGen Brain and Spine Institute, in India, would comprise of a well experienced and highly skilled neuro-rehabilitative team which is adept in caring for children with Autism. Along with the best autism treatment in India, with stem cells, NeuroGen Brain and Spine Institute also provides thoughtful and systematic rehabilitative services that help reduce further complications or co-morbidities of the Autism.


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