Stem Cell Treatment: The Right Tool For Treating MND

Motor neuron disease is a neurodegenerative disorder that leads to progressive motor weakness, bulbar dysfunction and at times premature death from respiratory failure. Due to the progressive loss of neuron functions, Parkinson’s disease, Huntington’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease may occur with symptoms like memory loss, apathy, anxiety, sudden mood change, forgetfulness, etc. Diagnosis of this ailment may initially be difficult until proper test and diagnosis are clinically done.

Motor neuron disease is a collection of syndromes which ensue after the brain and spinal cord faces an injury. When the signals from the brain stop reaching the muscles, due to weakened nerves, they deteriorate and gradually waste which results in the loss of muscular movement and control. Genetic inheritance and environmental factors, at times, contribute to the onset of Motor Neuron Disease in patients. The best MND treatment involves muscle restoration through therapy with stem cells.

Treatment with stem cells is fast gaining popularity in controlling diseases related to muscles. The mesenchymal stem cells isolated from the bone marrow and embryonic blastocyst (embryonic stem cells) have a proliferating potential and capacity to differentiate into various cell types.  Replacing the damaged cells with healthy Motor Neurons (MNs) is the ultimate goal of stem cell therapy for Motor Neuron Disorders. When these cells are transplanted into a patient, the cells move into the damaged areas to decrease inflammation and improve the motor movement by repairing the damaged tissues. Thus, motor neuron disease treatment, with stem cells, tends to boost cell survival and repair the damaged tissues, enhancing the gross motor ability in patients. Stem cells, procured from various sources, also protect the motor neuron cells from experiencing deterioration. Transplanting the cells in the targeted areas of the body, provide the best therapeutic treatment for MND.

The best treatment for patients with motor neuron disease is possible at some of the well-known hospitals like NeuroGen Brain and Spine Institute in Mumbai. The hospitals are known for their truly collaborative effort, knowledge and professional expertise in order to understand various challenging problems and discovering influential solutions to treat children and adults with various neurological disorders. These Neurological Institutes are equipped with the most innovative technology and facilities to treat spinal cord damage with the help of stem cells.

The stem cells acquired for motor neuron disease treatment, secrete vital growth factors and merge with the host motor neurons, controlling their functions and enhancing the chances of survival with positive results. Moreover, the beneficial effect of the stem cells delivers not only the growth factors of the tissues but also discourages disease progression and prevent serious side effects.


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