What is Autism and How Effective is Stem Cell Treatment For it?

Autism is a complex neuro-developmental disorder that results in improper communication ability in the affected child. It can be detected during the first three years after the birth of the child. These children lack skills of problem-solving, social behavior, communication, expressions, etc.

Hence, they need support and help from their caregivers for doing their routine tasks. In some occasions, these children get violent as well with behaviors like biting others, pulling their hair, etc. Although autism cannot be cured completely, the patient can be helped to live a better life with proper autism management and treatment. With early autism treatment and guidance, they can indeed become independent to some extent.

Possible causes for autism

There can be various reasons responsible for autism. In most cases, the structurally or functionally affected nervous system causes autism in the affected child. Mutation or change in gene structure is also responsible sometimes for autism. Apart from this, reasons like maternal bleeding during initial three months of pregnancy, lack of nutrients during pregnancy, maternal stress, effects of environmental radiations, etc., might also be the causes of autism.

Stem Cell Treatment for Autism:

It’s certainly good news that autism treatment with the help of stem cells has helped many affected children to have an improved quality of life.  In fact, NeuroGen Brain and Spine Institute has effectively treated more than 600 cases of Autism. After successful stem cell treatment, the patients have shown significant improvement. The treated patients have shown improvement in their social interaction, the level of communication, emotional aspects, etc. Moreover, the aggressive behavior of these children has also been found to decrease through successful stem cell treatment.

Top healthcare centers like NGBSI have shown great confidence in this method of treatment. The children treated for autism here at NGBSI have shown 70% improvement in eye contact, 56% in social smile, and 72% reduced hyperactivity, which indeed is quite encouraging. These treatments also enhance the rate of brain metabolism of the children, and it results in making them more intuitive and socially responsive.

In fact, NGBSI can show the progress rate through the PET-CT scans of the patients. The best part of these treatments is that the treated children may be able to pursue their academics quite normally.
The above abstracts prove that the stem cell treatment for autism is much more effective in comparison with the traditional methods. Outcomes make it evident that the treated children may enjoy a pretty much normal life, with the least dependency on their caregivers.

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