The Benefits of Stem Cell Therapy For Autism

The 2 adverse pathologies associated with Autism are immune deregulation, and a lack of supply of oxygen to the brain. Because of these deficits and problems, certain parts of the brain have reduced functioning, and the neurons of these parts sustain irreversible damages.

Symptoms Of Autism

Autism has symptoms like:

● Difficulty in forming peer-to-peer relationship
● Difficulty in using non-verbal behavior like facial expressions, eye gaze, gestures and body postures among others
● Difficulty in starting or maintenance of conversations
● Short attention span
● Self injurious and aggressive behavior
● A lust for non-nutritive and non-food items like paper, chalk, sand and dirt

There are a number of treatment options available for Autism. But they do provide for marked improvements like stem cell therapy does. The ways and therapies used for treating Autism disorders include Speech therapy, Occupational therapy, Psychological intervention and others.

Stem Cell Therapy for Autism Treatment

Stem cells have tremendous scope for Autism treatment. Stem cells can multiply to form a number of different cells and can assume specialized functions. They can repair the injured neurons of the brain parts. Stem cells provide for neural repair at molecular, structural and functional level. The stem cells act like a complete “Bio-Pharmacy” once implanted inside the human body. They undertake a number of paracrine regulatory functions and even lower inflammation within the cells.

Post Stem Cell Therapy Improvements

Stem cell therapy is now actively carried out at a number of hospitals and health-care institutions for Autism treatment and for the treatment of other neurological disorders like spinal cord injury, dementia, cerebral palsy and others. The best and premier institutions like NeuroGen Brain and Spine Institute (located in Mumbai, India) have treated a number of Autism patients successfully through stem cell therapy and rehabilitation program. Post stem cell therapy the patients show marked improvements in multiple areas.

Some of the clearly evident benefits of stem cell treatment are:

● Improvement in eye-contact
● Reduction in self-stimulation behavioral patterns
● Better speech
● Better communication skills
● Better social interactions
● Lower display of aggressive behavior
● Lower repetitive motor behavior
● Improvements in all sensory aspects


While stem cell therapy provides for a number of benefits, the best of institutions also offer a complete rehabilitation program that brings patients a number of other benefits and motor improvements as well. For instance, speech therapy that is provided by the therapists improves the speech clarity of the patient and provides for voice strengthening as well. Yoga therapy provides for stretching and relaxation of muscles, which provides for better balancing in patients suffering from Autism and other neurological disorders. The rehabilitative program has other components and therapies as well that provide for improvement in both physical and mental health of patients.

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